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Dog Bites and attacks can be severe!

A child with multiple dog bites may require extensive plastic surgery. An elderly person who is attacked can break a hip and be laid up for life. If you suffer from an injury caused by someone not controlling their animal, seek out our experienced personal injury attorney.

Dog Attacks | Dog Bite Injury

Kennedy & Associates is located in Riverside and provides experienced representation for individuals who experience injury or loss from a dog bite or attack. We provide zealous representation to families throughout the Inland Empire and Los Angeles County areas who are injured by dog bites. We have collected thousands of dollars for hundreds of clients in dog bite claims.

  • Dog Bites – Dog Attacks: In California, a dog owner is responsible for the conduct of his or her pet. There is no “one bite rule” that permits a first bite. Dog owners are strictly liable for injuries caused by biting, attacking or knocking down a person. We handle all types of dog bite injury claims, including claims that involve small children.

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