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Kennedy & Associates has proven expertise in processing claims by those injured by dangerous conditions of property other premises-related negligence issues.

Negligence | Public Property | Trip & Fall

  • Experts: Cases involving premises related negligence require experts. We have experts immediately available to determine whether you have a viable case or not.

  • Trip and Fall Claims: Our expertise can help you with injuries such as when a store owner leaves something in an aisle or hallway, such as a broom, mop, tool or cleaning product. Other common causes of trip-and-fall accidents are construction sites where no warning is given to pedestrians about ditches, holes or other dangerous property conditions. Most importantly, we know how to get over the “trivial defect defense” which negligent property owners try to use!

  • Slip and Fall Claims: Our expertise will look at things such as “coefficient of friction”, sources of liquids on floors, and other expert analysis derived from our extensive retail background. We really know this area!

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